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1969 Mustang
In 1969 Mustang offered an increased selections of engines, from the meek to the outrageous, with no less than 9 choices of powerplant.

The wheelbase remained the same, but the 1969 Mustang grew in overall length by 3.8 inches, now extending to 187.4 inches. On the fastback models, the side scoop was reduced to about half its original size and moved to just below the beltline. On the coupes and convertibles, the scoop remained in the same position, but was no longer sculpted into the side sheet metal and it faced toward the rear. 1969 was the only year that the Mustang sported 4 headlights, 2 outside the grille opening, and 2 inside.

Boss 302 and Mach I options were introduced, with the Mach I becoming the most popular performance option.

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